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«NPK » got the ISO 9001:2008 certificate

September 16, 2011 was a landmark in the history of the company «NPK-EDM» because we were awarded Certificate of conformity GOST R ISO 9001-2008 (ISO 9001:2008). Читать далее

Dear web-site visitors, we are bringing you apologize for the inconvenience of web-site constant updating.

Now our web-site is in the process and constantly updated. Every day we try to fill the site relevant and useful information, as well as ensure the completeness information about proposed and implemented products and their availability.

Update catalog!

Dear users, the company’s website «NPK-Eurosteel» updated catalog. Читать далее

We are 5 years old!

We are 5 years old! Congratulations to you and with this event. July 7, 2006 «Nizhny Novgorod Industrial Company» has started its way in the business. And today we celebrate our fifth anniversary. It would seem that the company tends to constant development, it is not so … Read more Читать далее

Beware! Unscrupulous suppliers.

Dear visitors, due to the fact that the market has increasingly come companies that conduct unfair competition by deceiving consumers, «NPK-Eurosteel» considered it my duty to inform you about this and provide the necessary information. Today, when the consumer has free choice Читать далее

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Grade stainless steel Aisi 430 Ingot casting alloys and cathodes Anodes for electroplating Stainless steel rolling
Alloying and ferroalloys Instrumental and structural rolling Nichrome, fechrals Color rolling

About Us

Dear visitors, welcome to «NPK-Eurosteel»company!

Founded in 2009, company «NPK-Eurosteel» is a part of group of companies » NPK «. The main activity — complex supply products following fields: metal stainless steel Aisi 430, foundry alloys, alloying and ferroalloys, anodes for electroplating, nichrome, fechrals, as well as instrumental and high-speed steel, long products and structural steel rolling, color rolling.

The range of stainless steel is widely represented in steel Aisi 430 the following types: Steel x / stainless sheet, stainless flat rolled metal.

The range of ingot casting alloys is: aluminum, lead, zinc, copper, bronze, nickel, brass, and tin. «NPK-Eurosteel» offers to supply nickel and copper cathodes and pellets, as well as babbitt and solder.

Also in company assortment you can find the alloying and ferroalloys which are represented by large model assortment (ferrositsily, ferromanganese, ferrotitanium, ferrochrome, silicomanganese, tungsten, vanadium, titanium, silicon, magnesium, molybdenum, etc.).

«NPK-Eurosteel» offers to supply nichrome and fechrals with different brands, sizes and dimensions. Also supplied anodes for electroplating: zinc, nickel, copper, cadmium, tin.

Company assortment includes the following product categories: instrumental and high-speed steels (5HNM, 4h5mfs, h12mf, CVH, 9HS, U8-10a; R6M5, R18, r6m5k5, r9m4k8, r9k5, etc.), color rolling, rolling sections and structural steel.

In our company price of all offered products is always optimally combined with its quality. The price of steel and other areas of above product lines formed individually for each customer’s needs. For prices and products availability you can call: (831) 2-0000-22. In addition, the company’s warehouse is always maintained stock of stainless steel, alloy castings, alloy and ferroalloys, anodes and cathodes to provide a regular supply to respond urgent orders from our customers. Once we have our transport in warehouse, we can easily deliver products to the consumer in the shortest possible time.

We sell products from well-known domestic and foreign manufacturers:

  • Yeun Chyang Industrial Co., LTD
  • TISCO, Taiyuan Iron and Steel (Group) Co. Ltd.
  • Rusal
  • UMMC
  • Artem GCM
  • Gai GCM
  • Avisma, Inc.
  • KraMZ, Inc.
  • Mechel, Inc.
  •  Elektrostal, Inc. 

The consumers of our production are from military, nuclear, aviation industries, energy industry, chemical and transport engineering, manufacturers of food, vessels and commercial equipment.

Our main reference points of business:

  • The high quality products
  • Focus on long-term mutually beneficial cooperation
  • Strict adherence to specifications and delivery dates
  • Business transparency and company information system
  • Individual approach to each customer and optimal interaction scheme.

Our main principle is a combination of reasonable prices and quality of the goods plus the high level of customer service.

We stand behind the quality of all products supplied. It is certified in accordance with Russian standards GOST quality and international standards DIN. The quality management system of our company «NPK» meets the requirements of GOST R ISO 9001-2008 (ISO 9001:2008).

«NPK-Eurosteel» strictly follows the canons of modern business ethics and its own corporate philosophy and culture. This implies competence, professionalism, honesty, integrity and full implementation of the commitments undertaken. And for us it is not just words: by all activities we try to prove it for each customer and partner. Excellent indicator of our company honest is a multi-year impeccable reputation in the eyes of customers and suppliers.

In today’s dynamic work our company is developing effective methods and forms of complex systems organization of uninterrupted supply for all necessary goods. «NPK-Eurosteel» adheres to a strategy for sustainable, evolutionary growth, seeking to expand business scale, higher investment, contributing to sustainable development of the enterprise in the Russian market.

We have always worked well. However, if you believe that we can work better — tell us and we’ll do better. We are always open to new contacts and prospective projects. Please contact us and you’ll get reliable, stable supplier for many years. We appreciate and value our old partners and always happy to see and hear new customers.


General Manager «NPK-Eurosteel» LTD.
Vladimir Savinov