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Ingot casting alloys and cathodes

Catalog »Ingot casting alloys and cathodes

   Aluminum(ingot)     Lead (ingot)
   Zinc (ingot)    Сopper (cathode,granules, ingot)
   Bronze (ingot)   Ni (cathode, granules, ingot)
   Brass (ingot)   Tin (ingots, babbitt, solder)


Casting alloys — multicomponent metallic material properties which consist of a mixture of base metal (technically pure) and impurities (alloying elements). In turn impurities give the cast alloy certain specified properties. Form of casting alloys — ingots. Ingot (ingot) — a metal cast in a special form and intended for subsequent remelting.

Casting alloys given a variety of technical useful features missing from the metals in pure form. Casting alloys are used for castings production by the following method: fill a molten cast alloy in the form (mold cavity has the shape of manufactured parts.) Filled with cast alloy solidifies after cooling and cavity configuration (into which he poured) is preserved. Obtained in this way is called a cast piece.

For castings there are different ways: mold, centrifugal casting, sand casting, pressure, shell molds, investment casting, etc.

To choice the method of casting depends on the requirements that apply to mechanical and other properties of the final product (cast parts). These requirements include — geometric accuracy, production volume, surface finish castings, cost, etc.

If we talk about the scope of linear alloys is important to note that they are widely used for the production of various parts which are then used in industry and everyday life.