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Anodes for electroplating

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Anode — the element for supplying current to the electrolyte and distribute it in detail. There are other anode functions: metal loss compensation in the electrolyte in the coating instead of the selected products, execution of the oxidation processes (maintenance of electrolyte constant composition).

If we talk about galvanic anodes role in process it is worth noting the following: galvanic anodes usage in process is carried out by current and provides a constant electrolyte composition. On metal coating properties depend anode and cathode outputs. Also output depends on composition of the electrolyte and treatment process. Most often anode current output is less than cathode, which in turn leads to the unification of the electrolyte metal coating. This eventually causes a decrease in concentration of components in their prescription (initial) ratio.

In order for the relative concentrations of the metal coating, and other components are maintained at a constant level, it is necessary to create conditions to minimize the difference of anode and cathode outputs.