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Nichrome, fechrals

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Company «NPK-Eurosteel « offers to supply fechral (wire, tape) and nichrome.

Supplied items:

Nichrome: H20N80, H20N80-H H15N60, H15N60-N, N-HN70YU.
Eurofechrals: H23YU5, H23YU5T, H27YU5, H27YU5T

Product Range — nichrome wire, tape, tape rolled, strip, wire mesh, thread.

A wide range of diameters (from 0.05 mm to 12 mm) and dimensions (thickness of 0.15 mm to 3.3 mm).

Nichrome — a group of heat-resistant nickel alloys with chromium. There are many varieties of nichrome, alloyed mostly Si and Al, as well as micro additives rare earth metals. The main nichrome usage is its usage as a material for heating elements (electric furnaces, appliances). It is also often used to make nichrome parts that operate at high temperatures under conditions of low loads. Sfera nichrome due to its high heat resistance in an oxidizing atmosphere combined with high electrical resistance.

The analogue of nichrome on the application of an alloy called fechral, ​​but in turn fechral nichrome cheaper because of the lack of nickel in its composition. The main differences in these alloys are that fechrals limiting operating temperatures above but he maintains a smaller number of heating cycles than nichrome.

The following types of products from these types of alloys: nichrome wire, tape, the tape rolled, bar, wire mesh, thread; fechral wire, ribbon, tape, the tape rolled, bar, wire mesh, thread.

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