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Colorful metal — iron and steel industry are the products obtained by processing non-ferrous metal rolling mills (hot, warm or cold rolling). Non-ferrous metals are categories which generalizes all the metals and their alloys (except for iron and its alloys). Within this category are the following types of CM: light and heavy, precious, refractory, scattered, rare and radioactive metals.

It is important to note that the non-ferrous metals used in engineering and industry mostly in the form of various alloys. This allows you to change the physical, mechanical and chemical properties of the CM in a wide range with the scope of use. Just change the properties of non-ferrous metals by cold work, heat treatment, the method of artificial and natural aging. Non-ferrous metals are subjected to a mechanical treatment and pressure treatment (forging, extrusion, forging, rolling, welding, cutting, soldering).

The main properties of CM are: ductility, electrical and thermal conductivity, corrosion resistance and temperature change, the breadth of application.

Types of products from CM: castings, wire, rod, strip, strip, sheet, foil, metal profile.