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September 16, 2011 was a landmark in the history of the company «NPK-EDM» because we were awarded Certificate of conformity GOST R ISO 9001-2008 (ISO 9001:2008). Читать далее

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We are 5 years old!

We are 5 years old! Congratulations to you and with this event. July 7, 2006 «Nizhny Novgorod Industrial Company» has started its way in the business. And today we celebrate our fifth anniversary. It would seem that the company tends to constant development, it is not so … Read more Читать далее

Beware! Unscrupulous suppliers.

Dear visitors, due to the fact that the market has increasingly come companies that conduct unfair competition by deceiving consumers, «NPK-Eurosteel» considered it my duty to inform you about this and provide the necessary information. Today, when the consumer has free choice Читать далее

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Beware! Unscrupulous suppliers.


Dear visitors, due to the fact that the market has increasingly come companies that conduct unfair competition by deceiving consumers, «NPK-Eurosteel» considered it my duty to inform you about this and provide the necessary information.

Today, when the consumer has the opportunity to freely choose among the many market offerings, many companies are workarounds, but rather introduce a buyer confusion. These companies offer low prices, terms of cooperation, etc., hiding under such offers poor quality goods or merchandise, inappropriate stated specifications.

On the metal market a consumer fraud emerged in the form of competitive bids under which a delivery of goods ordered inappropriate mark. For example, a company acquires a stainless steel instruments under the brand Aisi430, but in reality an unscrupulous vendor supplied a cheaper steel containing less expensive metals (eg chromium Cr), and a corresponding mark on the chemical composition of AISI 409.

Unfortunately, unscrupulous companies do not think that this product is used to make not only the domestic steel appliances, and medical instruments. In this case, lack of quality raw materials can lead to serious negative consequences that result people may suffer.

The company «CPP-Evrostal» advises you when choosing a supplier of stainless steel to observe the following rules to avoid purchase of defective goods and the negative effects of the manufacture of its products.

— Better co-operation carried out with proven reliable supplier;

— In a high sense of responsibility to carry out spectral analysis;

— Not «buy» at a low price, if you’re not really sure of the supplier or if a price reduction there is no reasonable explanation.

— If you decide to cooperate with the new company, be sure to gather information about it (the official site reviews on the Internet, companies and clients, etc). In addition, the Internet now makes access to this kind of information simple and fast. By taking the time to collect this information, you will be as limited as possible from serious problems related to the quality and image of your products and company.

The company «CPP-Evrostal» concerned about the issue and inform consumers about it, due to the fact that she was faced with this type of fraud. Unfortunately, working in the market for a long time and having a good experience, the company was unable to extricate itself from such problems. By working with one of these companies, under the AISI 304, we were placed in stainless steel AISI 201, as a result of loss of the company amounted to more than 70 000 per tonne. It would seem that the consumer knows that he can easy way to check whether a statement by the brand, if it is not «magnet», but actually with a high content of other elements (such as Mr manganese) steel as «not a magnet «What used and fraudsters. Defaulting supplier has refused to reimburse us for our losses. Irresponsible and reckless «profiteering» struck us, because this steel is used in a very serious production (manufacture of medical instruments, aircraft, automobiles, etc.). This was due to ignorance on the existing fraud on the market and that is why we would like to announce it publicly.

Now the «CPP-Evrostal» plans to purchase expensive, but very important equipment, conducting instant spectral analysis of the metal. In the future we will offer our customers an additional service, even if you purchased the product elsewhere, you can make in our company, the instantaneous spectral analysis of the metal, which will show whether the mark claimed. This intention, according to the managers of the company must insulate itself as a company and its clients from problems with the quality of purchased products. Perhaps, if market participants show their vigilance, it would be possible to defend the level of fair competition.

These companies pursue mundane commercial purposes, no worrying about the possible consequences which may result in hurt people, they are alien to the sense of responsibility for the delivered goods.

The danger for the products, huge financial losses caused by violations of the law, the prosperity of organized crime — it’s just a small part of all the consequences of illicit trafficking of low-quality products.

It is an international problem not only manufacturers and suppliers of stainless steel, their employees and workers, this issue affects us all

«RPC-Evrostal» — we are responsible for the quality of our production!

Sincerely, Director of

Vladimir Savinov